LAM Spa, Innovation since 1975

Production of roller blinds, hatches and plastic molding

Plastic Molding

LAM SpA produces plastic parts using injection molding and the innovative injection-compression technique.

Roller Blinds Production

Fully customizable to the customer’s needs, LAM SpA roller blinds are made to measure.

Roof Hatches Production

LAM SpA’s production of hatches takes the form of offering emergency, ventilation or mixed-use hatches.

No limits for application and customization

With a view to customer’s needsLAM SpA‘s goal is to put his processing of metals and plastics know-how at the service of companies looking for high quality customizable components. This vocation has led the company over the years to offer a wide range of products, as well as co-design activity or custom solutions.

Almost 50 years of history

LAM SpA is the Italian leader company in the design, development and marketing of roof hatches, roller blinds, sunshades, and plastic components made by injection and thermoforming technologies.

Certified Quality

Details make a difference, and we produce details that determine the success of our customers’ products. Thanks to a Quality department that manages the dynamics of System and Product.

Made in Italy

LAM SpA’s strength is its 100% Italian production: highest quality materials, skilled labour, Italian suppliers and technicians for a top level product.


For LAM SpA, producing responsibly means having an ecological approach to problems. We have achieved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management certification.


The in-house technical studio, assisted by the best professionals in the sector, guarantees the customer maximum flexibility in terms of customization and co-design.

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