LAM Spa, Innovation since 1975

For nearly 50 years at the top of the multi-sector accessory industry

LAM SpA is the Italian leader in the design, development and marketing of roof hatches, roller blinds, sunshades and plastic components made using injection and thermoforming technologies. Thanks to the constant innovation of products and process, excellent service and the highest quality of the materials, LAM SpA has been a top producer of bus, trucks, industrial vehicles, agriculture machinery, earthmoving machinery, camper and caravan, trains and boats accessories for more than 50 years.

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LAM SpA kept growing without ever losing the soul of the person who, in 1963, founded it: “Cavalier” Livio Gozzi. Originally named LEM “Lavorazione Emiliana Metalli”, it produced accessories for buses and couches in an artisan and family size.
In 1961 comes, the turning point: Livio Gozzi patented the innovative prototype of a retractable roller blind and the company reached its first great development.
In 1969 the first manual hatch saw the light of day.
In 1975 in order to cope with the imponent quantity of requests, the company needs to automate the production process and, as consequence, to widen its headquarters, establishing them in Spilamberto, in the province of Modena.
In the same year, to emphasize the evolution of the company, LEM changed its name to LAM, Lavorazione Artigiana Metalli.
In 1980 LAM witnessed the creation of the first pneumatic roof hatch, and a few years later, in 1987, of the first electric roof hatch.
In 1990, due to its continuous growth  and to market demands, the company needs to find a different location a few years later, in 1993, it enters the earthmoving industry.

In 1993 the company needed to enlarge its warehouse as its production grew.

LAM obtained its first ISO 9001 certification in 1997/98 and ten years later, in 2008, it established its new headquarters in Spilamberto, Via Guido Rossa, the present-day and future location.
In 2011 LAM srl becomes LAM SpA and just one year later it establishes LAM SYSTEMS BREST, a related company in Belarus.

Since 2016 LAM SpA has extended its production, implementing plastic moulded components, allowing the company to enter new strategic sectors and to open, in 2019, a new warehouse near the main headquarters.
LAM’s new activity, plastic moulding, is becoming more and more central in the development of new customer acquisition, and nowadays, in 2023, the moulding machines fleet has been again revised with increased production potential.